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Gaining control over your stress and well-being is effortless with our suite of health and wellness products. Harness the power of biofeedback with our trusted therapeutic devices, designed to enhance mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual resilience.

These scientifically advanced offerings are essential in empowering individual well-being journeys. Complementing this, explore our range of sustainable cork yoga mats and props for a holistic wellness experience. Please note, individual results with our products and technology can vary, reflecting each person's unique path to well-being."

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Elevate your practice and the planet with yoga mats and accessories harvested from organic elements of one of Portugal’s most unique resources, cork.

These eco-luxury products are made with sustainable and biodegradable cork. Each harvest contributes to the life and longevity of the tree (no trees are cut down in the process of harvesting cork).

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Apollo Neuro

If everyone used this therapeutic wearable, the world would be a healthier, happier place.

At Apollo Neuro, they believe in the human body’s innate resilience the easiest way to tap into the body’s natural ability to recover and rebalance your nervous system. 

In other words: less stress, more sleep. Less fatigue, more focus. Less of what you don’t want and more of what you do want. 

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Managing stress and increasing well-being are within your control and this amazing device will train you breath by breath.

The Inner Balance™ Trainer by HeartMath® is an easy and enjoyable way to gain awareness, regulation, and management of your mental, emotional, physical health and your HRV.

HRV Note: Heart Rate Variability is a key health indicator and a superhighway of resilience.

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