Transformative V.I.P Coaching Experience

An Exclusive Weekend To Evolve Your Health, Life & Leadership

Are you feeling disconnected and struggling to navigate the complex currents of life and leadership in today's dynamic world? Do you find yourself seeking a balance between personal well-being and the ever-increasing demands of your professional life? Do you see a future where your health, life, and leadership goals are achieved but feel unsure how to get there? 

If these words ring true, this experience is meant  for you.

Hello, I'm Allison Adams

As your ally and well-being architect, I'm here to design a transformative path for you to thrive in all facets of your life and leadership.

I have invested decades in learning, practicing, teaching, and designing my life's work to enable 
clients to evolve and feel personally empowered.

This V.I.P Experience is the most exclusive and intensive program I offer and is designed for clients who are ready, committed, and excited to engage at this level.

Trust me when I say your goals and desires are within reach, let's explore them together.

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Here’s What You’ll experience

day one: a.m

Resilience & Well-Being

We'll begin with a comprehensive stress and well-being
pre-assessment review to understand your current levels of personal and professional resilience.

Then we'll use these insights to develop a personalized plan for enhancing heart rate variability and coherence- key indicators in building and sustaining resilience. You'll learn scientifically-backed strategies and techniques, all designed to improve and strengthen your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual

day one: p.m

LIFE masterplan  DESIGN

In the afternoon we delve into how the key domains of your life: self, family, social, career, business or organization, and the planet align and reflect the highest outcomes.

This session is about understanding how these microsystems interact and shape your current reality. Using this holistic perspective, we’ll craft a Life Masterplan that aligns your aspirations across these domains, setting a course for a future that resonates with your deepest values and goals.

day two: a.m

Leadership IMpact Design

This session is dedicated to the transformative Human Impact Framework-empowering you to bridge the gap between intention and action, guiding your journey from purpose to impact to legacy. 

We’ll use the HIF to enhance clarity and mindfulness in moments that matter most. Expect to leave with a profound understanding of how to create meaningful change, respecting the full spectrum of humanity in your leadership endeavors.

day two: p.m

Personalized Wellness Plan

In this concluding session, we'll blend yoga, meditation, and breathwork into a holistic action plan, uniquely crafted for your spiritual and wellness path.

This plan is designed to seamlessly integrate these practices into your everyday life, fostering enduring vitality, empowerment, and serenity. You'll depart with timeless techniques that unite body, mind, and spirit leading to enduring fulfillment, joy, and a deeper sense of connection.

curious if this right for you? book a discovery call 

curious if this right for you? book a discovery call 

Frequently Asked Questions

who is the v.i.p weekend experience for?

The V.I.P Weekend is designed for conscious business leaders who need and want highly personalized coaching.

will the experience be in person or virtual?

This is a bespoke, customized experience and can be delivered in a resort setting or online.

What is the V.I.P Experience Process?

Step 1 book a discovery call. Step 2 fill out an application. Step 3, pay in full. Step 4, schedule weekend experience.

what's included beyond the v.i.p weekend?

There will be pre and post assessments + lifetime access to the Thriving Leader Course & Vitaly Vault Membership.

What Breathwork Techniques Are Included?

You'll explore various breathwork methods, from energizing to calming and everything in between.

are there payment plans for the v.i.p experience? 

Due to the nature of this exclusive experience, there are no payment plans available.

what if i'm new to yoga?

No problem. You will be offered yoga that is appropriate for your level and interest.

can i use this as a business expense?

This V.I.P Weekend Experience is designed for professional development, but consult your company or accountant first.