True wealth is a balanced state of mind, body, and spirit-a wellspring of vitality, connection, and peace of mind you can source in life and business. We invite you to consider what a wellness sabbatical could mean for your life, your leadership, and your well-being.

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well-being is a lifestyle.

Take refuge,
be nourished,
find your balance.

Every soul and every leadership journey is different, but what's true for both is that it's up to you to take care of yourself so you can to live, love, and lead well

Setting a sincere intention to overcome and manage stress, anxiety, burnout is the first step towards health and well-being, experiencing a sabbatical, is the second.

We partner with resort destinations that have a mission of being stewards for personal, social, and planetary well-being so rest assured you'll balance and restore your mind, body, and spirit at a heart healing resonance. 

sabbatical OUTCOMES
 your future self will enjoy






living & leading FROM A STATE OF VITALITY, resilience, and values 


awareness, courage & COMPASSION TO HEAL and EVOLVE your RELATIONSHIPS 


conscious living path to keep you aligned with your highest potential

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How it works

wellness sabbatical options

Noteworthy: We specialize in wellness sabbaticals for conscious business leaders and couples who desire to create positive change for themselves, for business, and the world.

Solo Sabbatical

A bespoke retreat + work journey to redesign your life and leadership style so you return feeling aligned, balanced, and full of vitality. Our wellness sabbatical is a combined strategy of unparalleled wellness treatments, activities, and meals to release accumulated stress, rejuvenate your mind, body, spirit while honoring the time you need to take care of business.

The wellness sabbatical is designed to meet your needs, goals, and desires and is a minimum of 21 days at a retreat center or resort, plus 3 months of personalized stress and well-being coaching: one month prior, during, and after your sabbatical experience.

This is a holistic, sustainable wellness strategy to yield the highest and best outcomes you can enjoy for years to come. 

Couple Sabbatical

This is a couples sabbatical for those who share an intention of recalibrating, reconnecting, and reimagining life, work, and relationship. This is an intimate journey of self care, self healing, and self discovery and when done together, it creates ripples of positive impact.

This sabbatical is a bespoke experience taking into account the needs, goals and desires of each person. Working and well-being are the primary pursuits and will be accomplished through the above description of destination offerings and 3 month coaching journey.


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from franz kafka

“Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet, still and solitary. The world will offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.”

Allison Adams is an international wellness entrepreneur and founder of Sacred Leadership Global. She guides leaders in creating a conscious, sustainable lifestyle and leadership brand that’s sourced through health, well-being, values, and heart. Her transformational experiences include Personal and Team Coaching, Wellness Sabbaticals, Retreats, and Community. Each offer is intentionally curated to support the needs, aspirations, and transformation of clients worldwide.

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