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At the heart of our transformational approach to wellness hospitality lies a deep understanding that well-being is both an individual, collective, organizational, and planetary opportunity. We recognize that the health and vitality of executives and stakeholders are as crucial as the experiences we craft for your guests. 

Our offerings are designed to evolve people and brands into regenerative forces. Our training, retreats, products, and services not only meets the comprehensive needs of individuals but intends to amplify the transformative potential and impact of the brand itself.

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And Training

Explore our Wellness Consulting and Training services, where we blend expertise with innovation to elevate your wellness initiatives. Our consulting services are designed to strategically enhance your existing wellness programs, or to develop new, impactful ones from the ground up.

Whether it's for a spa, a wellness center, or a corporate team, our training modules are tailored to impart lasting knowledge and skills. We focus on delivering practical, effective strategies that resonate with your brand's unique wellness vision.

From staff training to program development, our approach is all about creating sustainable wellness cultures that thrive on engagement and results.

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wellness services for spa guests and Groups

Revolutionize your spa experience with our cutting-edge, non-linear frequency scanner, the future of personal health and wellness.

This advanced technology offers a unique and elevated service for spa guests and groups, providing personalized health insights like never before. Ideal for enhancing wellness retreats or as a premium offering for executive teams, it allows spas to expand their repertoire with a truly innovative approach.

By integrating this scanner into your services, you not only set your spa apart but also provide a transformative wellness journey, catering to the discerning needs of today's health-conscious guests and groups.

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wellness Retreats for executives and guests

Experience bespoke Wellness Retreats tailored to meet the unique themes, locations, seasons, and specific needs of executives and guests.

Each retreat is carefully curated to embody the wellness ethos of the hosting hotel, ensuring an immersive and rejuvenating experience. With a focus on specific wellness topics or group-oriented retreats, we offer flexibility and customization to suit various preferences.

Enhance the experience further with our preventative health scanner, available as an add-on for deeper health insights. Specially available for executives, these retreats provide an ideal setting for leadership rejuvenation and realignment.

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wellness products for retail AND facilities

Enhance your hotel's wellness offerings with our exclusive range of Wellness Products, featuring eco-luxury items from our premier partner, CORC YOGA. Each product is 100% sustainable and regeneratively sourced from Portugal, embodying the perfect blend of luxury and environmental responsibility.

These products are ideal for retail in your hotel's wellness centers or for inclusion in your health and fitness facilities.

Offering these high-quality, eco-conscious yoga products not only elevates the guest experience but also aligns your brand with the values of sustainability and holistic well-being. From the gym to the guest room, CORC YOGA's products add a touch of mindful luxury to every aspect of your guests' stay.

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