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It's time to rediscover your inner vitality, harness your feminine wisdom, and move confidently towards your destiny. Within you lies all that's necessary to reach your highest potential, live a life of abundance, and create a legacy that is distinctly yours. 

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Meet   the Creator of Sacred

Hello, I'm Allison

My decades-long journey of personal transformation in health, life, and career prepared and inspired me to create an evolutionary community for the modern woman so she can heal, thrive, and leave a legacy of impact.

I offer SACRED as a holistic personal and professional support system and sanctuary for female professionals and leaders to overcome mental, emotional, and physical barriers, create unshakable habits, peace & confidence.

My multi-modality approach is deeply rooted in spiritual teachings, yoga, meditation, feminine leadership, Feng Shui, human impact, energy work and more.

These transformative, wisdom teachings are intentionally designed to individually and collectively elevate feminine power, cultivate meaningful connections, heal and uplift the world. 

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your safe haven

SACRED is more than a community; it's a safe container where women come together to overcome challenges, become healthier more intuitive, powerful creators of their destiny. 

It is place to rise together- where personal and collective  empowerment makes the world a better place.

If you are a spiritually motivated, purpose-driven woman ready to align with the future you envision and need a community, support rooted in restoring, rewiring, and realigning your mind, body, and spirit, SACRED is waiting for you.

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what you might be struggling with:

Experiencing Overwhelm & Burnout

Feeling overwhelmed and burnt out is a common challenge in today’s fast-paced world, but when you have the tools and techniques to manage your mindset and stressors, you'll feel elevated & empowered.

Lack of Clarity, Confidence & Connection

When you're feeling stressed and disconnected, lack of confidence can set in. Our mission at SACRED is to help you reclaim your power, amplify your brilliance, and expand your network & connection with like-minded women.

Feelings of Anxiety & Unsure where to Start

The truth is anxiety and uncertainty can derail your dreams and sabotage your success if you allow them to be the energetic frequencies and patterns you live by. Let's release & rewrite your story as a powerful creator, together.

“Women have the capacity to lead us to a more peaceful world with compassion, affection, and kindness.”

dalai lama xiv

what's included in Your membership


weekly yoga & meditation 

In your SACRED membership, you'll have access to weekly Kundalini yoga sessions, a transformative practice that includes meditations, mantras, and celestial communication to activate and amplify your inner vitality, peace, and empowerment.

 While Kundalini is the primary yoga style taught, we also offer other yoga styles. All classes are women focus designed to balance and strengthen your nervous, immune, and endocrine systems, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your physical and spiritual well-being.


monthly women's circles

Embrace the power of the new moon each month with our Women's Circles, a sacred gathering designed as a portal to access higher energies and spiritual support.

These circles are more than just a meeting; they are a transformative experience that nurtures your divine feminine energy and facilitates deep healing and evolution.

Engage in enriching activities and discussions that illuminate your path to self-discovery and empower you as a creator, in a space where you can feel nurtured and connected. 


monthly masterclasses

Each month, SACRED brings you exclusive expert masterclasses, covering a diverse array of essential topics for the modern woman.

From nutrition and women's health to financial wealth building, sustainable fashion, conscious living, and even retreat travel, these masterclasses are designed to enrich your knowledge and enhance your lifestyle.

Delivered by seasoned professionals and thought leaders in their respective fields, these sessions offer invaluable insights and practical advice. 


bi-monthly office hours

Join our bi-monthly office hours for a 90-minute deep dive into the art of feminine leadership development.

We'll cover a variety of relevant topics, from cultivating resilience and empathetic leadership to building impactful teams and realizing your full potential.

These office hours are your chance to engage in meaningful discussions, gain insights, and develop skills that empower you to lead with your unique gifts, and make a significant professional impact. 


feminine power challenges

Step into a transformative experience with SACRED's Feminine Power Challenges, held at the beginning of each quarter to boost your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual resilience.

The challenges, designed to unlock greater Prosperity, Creativity, Intuition, and Love, are
40-Day commitments. These are ancient, powerful meditations to accelerate transformation and manifest desired outcomes.

When you commit your time, energy and heart you not only stand for your own individual growth but also our SACRED, collective evolution. 

making it easy to say yes to yourself and your future

making it easy to say yes
to yourself and your future

 3 Membership Payment Options

Choose Your SACRED Membership Savings Regularly Offered at $444 ($37 monthly).

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4 Payments of $98.75 Save $47

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Frequently Asked Questions

who is the SACRED MEMBERSHIP for?

The SACRED Membership is for the conscious modern woman who wants to thrive and rise in a community.

what if i can't make all the live sessions?

Every woman's schedule and time zone is different so we will record session you can access in the portal.

will this be a private membership community?

Yes, The SACRED Community membership comes with a private portal to access recordings, materials, and connect.

how do I know if i'm a modern woman and would fit in?

You're a modern woman if you want to step into your feminine power and use it as a force for personal & collective good.

Why isn't there a monthly membership option?

We believe in fostering deep, lasting transformation and connections, which require more time and commitment.

how much time I need to invest?

The membership has been designed as a high quality experience with Sacred Rituals that don't demand a lot of time.

is this a wellness community?

Yes, it is a feminine leadership & wellness community intentionally designed for personal and professional evolution.

Can groups or female corporate teams join?

Yes! When a group practices, connects, or works during and outside the container the outcomes are exponential.

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