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The Best Way To Bolster Your Leadership Effectiveness and Energy

Assess The Situation

Our brains are wired for efficiency (and safety) so you would think that every leader and professional would be cruising through the day managing the challenge bumps in the most effective and energetic way, but it’s quite the opposite. The truth is, most leaders are under the greatest pressure they’ve ever experienced and they need to find lasting solutions.

Options and Opportunities

So what does this mean for you and those you lead and love…(domestic leadership is equally as important and included in this scenario)? It means you have an opportunity to address and accept what’s in front of you and adopt a new skill set that will benefit you in the immediate and distant future. Learning one new skill set, practiced every day, can change how you live and lead for the rest of your life, and the ripple effect is everlasting.

Because our brains operate in perpetual autopilot cycles and patterns that don’t tell us what we’re doing is damaging, it’s up to us to stop and change it. The stress and fatigue that leave you feeling foggy, disconnected, depressed, anxious, or fearful are so common. There are so many internal and external threats that drain your mental, emotional, and physical capacity, that in order to be most effective and lead to your highest potential, you need a lasting strategy.

Why Feeling Safe Is Vital for Sustained Success 

Wanting to feel safe and in control is a primal instinct. Yet when you lead from a headspace where mental and emotional fatigue is the default, the more you will feel exposed, anxious, and hyper-vigilant about current and future scenarios. When you recalibrate and regulate your mind-body system, it generates energy, strength, and alignment, which in turn makes you feel capable, creative, confident- providing you with a sense of safety and security.

The Loop of Leadership Efficacy

It’s when you consistently regulate and rewire your mind-body system, you’ll master the greatest self-leadership skills of your life.  Rewiring your physiology and connecting your heart, mind, and body is the secret to learning how to live and lead in a dynamic and regenerative new way. Improving leadership effectiveness is easy and will result in sustained success in all areas of your life and business.


The Solution is Easier and Closer Than You May Think

Your brain has a neural network and your heart has a network too. When the heart and the brain communicate, you’re at the height of efficiency, executive functioning, and flow. There are roughly 25 years of validated heart science to back up this claim, so you don’t have to worry about whether it will work, it will. All you need to do is set your intention and commit to evolving this leadership skill. Leading from your heart from this point forward will allow you the greatest opportunity to boost your leadership effectiveness and energy! The bottom line is that it will give you a sense of vitality, peace, connection, and freedom and that alone is something you can use for personal, professional, and collective success.

“It’s when you consistently regulate and rewire your mind-body system, you’ll master the greatest self-leadership skills of your life.”

Your Inner Landscape Holds the Key to Your Success

There is freedom in knowing the answers lie within, it’s just up to you to discover what they are and the same is true for bolstering your well-being, leadership skills, and capacity.  The secret is called Coherence and it’s the active\restful state where your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual domains come together. It’s a state of neutrality that the mind-body systems thrive on and counteracts stress hormone production.  There is a personal energy and stress management tech device made by HeartMath® called the Inner Balance Trainer ™. Using this device two times a day, as soon as you walk and before you go to bed will be the most beneficial action you can take if you want to improve your sleep, fatigue, depression, anxiety, relationships, performance, and well-being.  

Building Leadership Resilience, Effectiveness, and Energy

The Inner Balance Trainer ™ provides you with the simple techniques you need to manage stress, revitalize energy, and restore mental and emotional balance and resilience. The technology displays your heart rhythm, measured by Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which indicates how emotional states affect your nervous system and how you feel. HRV offers a unique window into the quality of communication between the heart and brain, which directly impacts how you feel and perform – and especially your resilience.

As a HeartMath® coach\ trainer, this device is the single most effective way I know to transform your life, work, and the world.  Like a smile, stress is contagious and if your lack of leadership effectiveness and energy has been affecting you, it’s without a doubt been affecting others, too. 

Give yourself the gift of a lifetime and if you want to explore an 8 week Self Leadership Mastery Coaching Intensive, click this link to apply.  There are countless successful case studies from the HeartMath® technologies and training so click the link and get started with living and leading in a dynamic, impactful, and regenerative way.

Allison Adams is an international wellness entrepreneur and founder of Sacred Leadership Global. She guides leaders in creating a conscious, sustainable lifestyle and leadership brand that’s sourced through health, well-being, values, and heart. Her transformational experiences include Personal and Team Coaching, Wellness Sabbaticals, Retreats, and Community. Each offer is intentionally curated to support the needs, aspirations, and transformation of clients worldwide. Connect via LinkedIn.

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