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4 Pillars Every Leader Needs To Lead Well From Within

As the Father of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman, put it, “Well-being cannot exist just in your head. Well-being is a combination of feeling good as well as having meaning, good relationships, and accomplishment.”  There’s profound wisdom in those words, but we all need transformational tools if we want to manifest Dr. Seligman’s reality of well-being. […]


Building resilience for everyday calm and confidence improves your health and your life

Building Resilience for Everyday Calm and Confidence

In today’s fast-paced world, resilience is a skill for personal and professional effectiveness that cannot be ignored. But what exactly does building resilience entail, and how can it lead to a sense of calm and confidence in your everyday life?  As a certified HeartMath coach/mentor/trainer specializing in stress and well-being, I’m here to guide you […]

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