Leadership Alert: What Business School Failed To Teach You, What You Can Do About It, And Why It Matters

Modern Times Require More

For generations, business schools have prepared and produced top leaders who have grown organizations and economies worth billions of dollars, yet there are a few things they forgot to teach that would have allowed for greater well-being for all.

It’s Alarming So Few Consider ROI²

It’s more than ROI (investment) it’s also about ROI (impact)- a leader’s capacity to grow their health, relationships, fulfillment, and value over time- just like a company or stock. It’s analogous to the mind-body system working in tandem, both are equally and vitally important. 

By not educating or including how to cultivate optimal health and well-being, how to achieve sustained high-performance, how to grow relationships of compassion and vulnerability, how to develop leadership intuition, or how to build resilience so a leader is prepared and can adapt in the face of adversity, stress, and challenge quickly, is a business school mistake. If schools taught this, however, it could save an executive (or entrepreneur) from going down a path of ill health, substance abuse, divorce, mismanaged situations, and more putting themselves and others at risk. 

Why Its All Matters

Simply put, to draw awareness and reset leadership as well as expand the conversation so the business schools holistically serve their students, as well as others whom the leadership ripple effects. Imagine if classes, practices, and training included leadership awareness, yoga, meditation, resilience, emotional intelligence, personal and team high performance, and collaboration to reach their fullest potential. It would undoubtedly result in the highest, sustained returns and impact.  Adding to this value standard and measurement, it would make the world a better place so altruism has a seat at the table, too. Here are 3 Ways To Transform Stress Into Peace and High Performance.

How It Would Work

  1. Cultivate a personal and/or community daily yoga & meditation practice 
  2. Develop personal and team EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
  3. Build resilience for high performance & well-being
  4. Establish awareness-based systems change management style

A Few of the Benefits

  1. Yoga and meditation practices have immediate and lasting effects gaining peace of mind, clarity, focus, flexibility, balance, vitality, connection to one’s life force, spirit, purpose, & highest potential. Having a practice that evolves one’s consciousness is a positive outlet to release stress accumulated over time, thus recalibrating the mind-body system at a cellular level.  It also helps to diminish or eradicate negative patterns and addictive behavior often brought on through substance abuse and more.
  1. Knowing whether emotional language and communication patterns foster or diminish empathy, responsible, trust and trustworthiness is immeasurable.  Engaging openly and honestly is like making deposits in a bank account, but it’s a relationship account that one or more people can leverage when more deposits, than withdrawals, have been made, which is key to success in growing social capital.
  1. Having the capacity to regulate your physiology and manage stress is the secret to building resilience.  There are four domains: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, generating or depleting your well-being.  These areas all work together so when there is a drain in one, unfortunately, there is an effect in the other.  The same is true for when you bolster one area, you positively impact the others.  When this is done on a personal level there is a significant change, but when a group of people consciously attend to cultivating their resilience, the science proves the strength and powerful results they collectively share.
  1. The benefits to awareness-based systems change leadership is intended to transform Self, business, and society, bridge the gap of inequities, and establish a new sustainable baseline to create a better future. Company leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations have the opportunity to establish a holistic, values-based narrative, framework, strategy, practices, and build the system for the people and the planet.

“We must build leaders and economies from inclusion, equity, well-being.”

Allison Adams

Next Steps

The leadership alert may or may not affect how you lead if there was something that caused you to seek this way out for yourself because you know you need more, yet there is a reason all of these things were mentioned, and it’s because of the interconnectedness of the science back research and approach to them. 

Immediate and long-term relief is needed, but so is the ability to source yourself with great responsibility and management if you are to experience and enjoy sustained success. Why it matters, and what you want to transform is a personal aspiration worth exploring, it may be the greatest leadership endeavor of all time. 

If you’re wanting to laser in on overcoming your stress and pain to take control of your health, well-being, and future, a Self Leadership Mastery Private Coaching engagement may be just what you need.


Allison Adams is an international wellness entrepreneur and founder of Sacred Leadership Global. She guides leaders in creating a conscious, sustainable lifestyle and leadership brand that’s sourced through health, well-being, values, and heart. Her transformational experiences include Personal and Team Coaching, Wellness Sabbaticals, Retreats, and Community. Each offer is intentionally curated to support the needs, aspirations, and transformation of clients worldwide. Connect via LinkedIn.

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