How To make Resilience Your Superpower

How To Make Resilience Your Superpower

Would making Resilience your Super Power be all you need in order to feel confident, build stronger relationships, tap into creative & intuitive solutions, feel vital, leverage well-being, enhance performance, inner peace, and joy while everything is in flux? 

The short and long answer is yes- resilience is a fundamental building block for everything you aspire to be, do, and have in your personal and professional life. But it’s more than just a way to overcome and manage stress, it provides a strong foundation for your health and it allows you to feel empowered every moment of your life.


Like a home thermostat, you have a stress response that has been unconsciously set, depending on the circumstances and environments you’re exposed to. And knowing your stress thermostat, the point at which negative physiological effects begin to be produced is really important.

For example, on average a person is exposed to up to 14 stressful incidents a day.  They range from not having needs met, being yelled at by a boss, client, or colleague, caring for children, elderly parents, or it can be much worse like losing a job, a major crisis in your local community, or geopolitical threats you’re exposed to while watching the news.

Did you know that your response to stress drives over 1,400 functions in the body? The physiological variables that influence and determine your state of well-being are running constantly. Having this knowledge is powerful and why it’s the first reason for making resilience your superpower.

Resilience isn’t sexy per se, but it’s a lifelong superpower that allows you

to live a vital, peaceful, & empowered life.


Having a high tolerance to pain is likened to having a high threshold for stress, which means you think you can carry a lot and it’s not affecting you, but it doesn’t mean you’re free from harm. Depending on your psychophysiology, the interrelationship between your mind and body, what line of work you’re in, you may tolerate more, however, no one is exempt from burnout or chronic illness- another case for making resilience your superpower. 

If you identify or someone else brings to your attention your level of impatience, distraction, detachment, and/or high reactivity is a common behavior, then you know you’re a candidate for crafting a stress management plan.

When your stress thermostat is low, you’re someone who is easily sparked.  Your sensitivity level to things in your personal, professional, or social life, causes you to feel overwhelmed which means crafting a plan would be good for you too.

Having a low-stress threshold is very common and on the rise with HSP (highly sensitive people) who account for 15-20% of the population, says Dr. Elaine Aron.  There are many HSP characteristics, but finding the quiet time or withdrawal to process, extra sleep, extra time to get through work, are not indulgences, they need them as a way to manage stress and build resilience.


Now resilience is not sexy per se, but resilience as a superpower does qualify as a lifelong asset you can leverage in all facets of life and business. It’s the nexus of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being which allows you to live and work to your highest potential.

Your mastery is something to cherish and develop over time. You will have the confidence and capacity to prepare for, adapt to, and recover quickly from stressful, constantly changing environments, relationship dynamics, and more. Discovering your potential to heal and harness your health is the theme of this RESILIENCE MASTERY VIRTUAL RETREATBut if you prefer a one-to-one or custom executive team resilience retreat, click this link to discover how.

Allison Adams is an international wellness entrepreneur and founder of Sacred Leadership Global. She guides leaders in creating a conscious, sustainable lifestyle and leadership brand that’s sourced through health, well-being, values, and heart. Her transformational experiences include Personal and Team Coaching, Wellness Sabbaticals, Retreats, and Community. Each offer is intentionally curated to support the needs, aspirations, and transformation of clients worldwide. Connect via LinkedIn.

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