How To Design Your Home Yoga Space

How to Design Your Home Yoga Space in 60 Minutes or Less

Do you have an intuitive sense it’s time to take your health and spirituality to the next level, and don’t know where to start? Then follow these steps to design your own yoga space in under 60 minutes to make your intentions a fast-track reality. Creating your home yoga space is hands down a sacred act, so don’t be taken back by the fact that it can be done in so little time.

Choosing to spend 60 minutes out of the 1, 440 minutes you have in a day to design a space is one of the best decisions you can make to feel empowered and excited about your future.

4 Easy Steps To Create A Sacred Home Yoga Space:

  1. Set your intention and vision
  2. Identify and clear the space
  3. Purchase the yoga essentials
  4. Enhance your experience

Your intention and vision… 

Start with identifying your WHY. What is your intention behind creating this yoga space? Take a piece of paper and write out what’s calling you to take inspired action ( hint, it comes from your heart’s intuitive intelligence not your head) and what you intend to gain through your practice. 

This can be cultivating peace of mind, patience, resilience, healing, courage, clarity, connection to your Higher Self, lowering your anxiety, depression, strength, finding greater flexibility in your mind and body, and more. Place this paper somewhere where you can see it as a daily reminder of your intentions and what you want to experience within yourself and in life.

Next, it’s time to imagine how you want the space to look and feel. Is this a space inside of an existing room or will you be turning a room into your home yoga studio? If it’s the latter, you will need more than an hour depending on if you plan to redecorate or paint. Be sure to take into consideration whether it’s your own personal space or will you share it with loved ones. This is important so you and anyone else feel connected and inspired to practice. 

Identify and clear the space…

Now that you’re clear on your vision, decide on the space. It doesn’t need to be large, but it does need to feel inspiring and nurturing.  It can be in a living room where you have plants and artwork that uplifts you, or it can be a smaller space in your bedroom. Wherever you decide, do a thorough cleaning so the environment is clear and set with intention. Clean with love and respect- this is your most personal space that you’re intending to bring you health, healing, and evolution so it’s important to relate to it in this way. If you’re inspired to redesign, take a few extra minutes and find inspiration from yoga room images using Google or Pinterest.

Order your yoga essentials…

The intention of creating a home yoga space is so you’re able to practice daily to ensure your practice becomes a ritual and form of self-leadership and self-care. You don’t have to give up going to your favorite yoga studio, it just means that you’re creating a sacred space in your home that’s reserved for your health and spiritual development.

It’s great to diversify your yoga practice depending on what your mind and body need. Whether it’s a vinyasa flow, yin, restorative, kundalini, you’ll need different props to support and expand your conscious lifestyle and well-being. You can find and purchase your yoga essentials here.

Note, if you’re sharing the space, with a partner, child, account for yoga mat space. Allow everyone to choose their mat and other yoga props to ignite their journey. If the yoga space is part of a larger room, there needs to be intention and respect for the space when people are not practicing with you.

Enhance your experience…

This is about anything and everything you want to add to enhance your space and experience. If you have the room, add some plants or flowers, artwork, or a chair you can meditate and read from. Journaling each day, asking yourself before or after your practice what you want to ‘let go’ or ‘open up to’ are so valuable.

Write a few sentences so you acknowledge, establish, and strengthen a relationship to your personal energy that’s active in your mind, body, and environment.  Having a ritual in the morning and at night for as little as 5 minutes to read and absorb spiritual knowledge is another powerful action that will keep you inspired and aligned with your intentions and transformation. Here is a list of books to ignite your heart and soul.

Allison Adams is an international wellness entrepreneur and founder of Sacred Leadership Global. She guides leaders in creating a conscious, sustainable lifestyle and leadership brand that’s sourced through health, well-being, values, and heart. Her transformational experiences include Personal and Team Coaching, Wellness Sabbaticals, Retreats, and Community. Each offer is intentionally curated to support the needs, aspirations, and transformation of clients worldwide. Connect via LinkedIn.

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